Friday, December 12, 2008

[News]More "Nodame" movie details

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December 10,2008
Source: Tokyograph

A little more information has been revealed about the two "Nodame Cantabile" movies that were recently announced. First of all, Sankei Sports has reported a slightly different schedule for the films. The first one will be released in December 2009, while the second will be released about three months later in the spring. According to distributor Toho, no Japanese film sequel has ever been released so quickly after the first movie.

Producer Hiroki Wakamatsu said that it would have been impossible to fit the story into a single two-hour film, so it was decided that there would be two movies. Another producer, Kuga Maeda, expressed his confidence in the project, saying, "When you see Part I, you'll surely want to see Part II right away."

Filming is scheduled to start next May and last for a total of five months, including a long period in Europe. In order to not disappoint fans of classical music, the producers have requested a famous orchestra to perform at a well-known concert hall for the movie.

As reported earlier, the movies continue the story from the two-part drama special in January, following the musical progress of Nodame (Juri Ueno) and Chiaki (Hiroshi Tamaki). As for the romance between the two, Wakamatsu did not divulge any information, simply saying that he does not yet know the details.