Tuesday, January 22, 2008

[Subtitles] Nodame SP Lesson 2 English Softsubs(final version) by Siantut

I'm sure most of you have already known about this for a while, but for those who are still not aware of it, fansubber Siantut has released the final version of English softsubs for Special Lesson 2!^^ You can now get both sets of finalized softsubs at d-addicts or Siantut's forum s-projects. Don't forget to say your thanks after downloading the subs,and don't misuse it in any way.

Here's a big thank you for Siantut and everybody involved in the making of the softsubs, what would we Nodame fans do without you!^^


Phorni said...

Hello, I am a Nodame fan from Hong Kong and I am phorni (who were crazy about those magazines before:)

So glad to know that nodame has become super hot and have fans all around!!!

Actually I have been writing some comments about the music used in the SP in my blog, but most are in Chinese...if you are interested, please come and take a look. =)

meldinsky said...

hello phorni!!*hugs* Thank you for visiting my blog,and thank sooo much for all your magazine pics of Nodame Cantabile!I featured them here and made sure I linked them to you and give the proper credits,I hope it's okay.^^ You're awesome for being crazy abt Nodame..hehe..and you did a great job.

Yeah it's cool how there are more and more fans of Nodame from all around the world.ALthough I must say that Nodame HK fans are awesome with their blog and stuff,and you being one of them.^^

ubo_chan said...

i can watch it finally!
so many memorable evens in this 2nd lesson, but i keep wanting the rabu-rabu scene more XD
thx to Siantut for her hardwork in subbing these SPs
i hope they will make NC 2 since the manga haven't ended yet ^^

amel ngosek said...

ok very good