Sunday, January 13, 2008

[Subtitles] Nodame SP Lesson 1 English Softsubs(final version) by Siantut

Minna-san, Siantut of S-projects has released THE english softsubs for Special Lesson 1 at her website! Yes,it has arrived! ^__^ You can now get the final version of the subtitles for the first part of the SP here at her website/forum S-projects and remember, registration is needed before you can have access to the subs.

Also don't forget to thank our generous softsubs maker Siantut for all her hard work! ^^ Siantut has contributed a lot for us fans of the live action version of Nodame Cantabile since the very beginning, and I personally feel that we are indeed lucky to have somebody as gracious and dedicated as she is in our community.And I know for sure that her efforts had given me such a wonderful time in experiencing Nodame Cantabile LA, so she deserved more than a mere thank you from me.^^

So here's to Siantut and her highly-anticipated,much loved(and needed!) English softsubs!^^ Happy (re)watching everybody!

Mel's Edit: My stance on questions regarding softsubs is still the same ne,so it,and you'll be fine.


ubo_chan said...

thx for this info!
finally i can watch SP 1 with English subs ^^
much thx for Siantut who provides the subtitles! She had done a great job ^^

my comment on SP 1:
I really like it! rabu-rabu scene between nodame and chiaki is more than I expected XD
the songs are great too!

now i'm really looking forward for SP2 English subs ^^

meldinsky said...

yeah..all the rabu-rabu scenes! ♥ I really wanted to post the caps of them for both episodes here,but alas I can because I might spoil it for a lot of ppl,so I just had to bear with it,and post it at my LJ instead...sighs.

Actually there could've been a couple more rabu-rabu in Special Lesson 2,but too bad they didnt put it in.ohwell..I guess I'll just have to "see" it in my mind..lols.

Bridget said...

thanks for the news.. but some 1 uploaded the sub version
on veoh
the 1st part is

meldinsky said...

Hello bridget^^..hmm,I've seen the clip posted,and it seems like the subbed version was made using Siantut's softsubs,and therefore I won't be endorsing the clip as it is against Siantut's rules and I intend to follow them.And because of that I won't be posting that particular clip at this blog,as I understood the rules stated in the "agreement" with Siantut with regards to her softsubs.But thanks for the thought.^^

andy said...

Hi meldinsky,

I watched the raw vids using a .srt file I got from d-addicts. Could it be the same one made by Siantut? I was very glad for it, too =)

Anyways, I'll be watching your blog for updates on the subs for special lesson 2.

2tonone said...

Special thanks to Siantut for her commitment and effort on the translation.

Thank Tiffany for uploading the high quality raw files.

This blog put everything to together. It is really a heaven for all Nodame and Classical music fans.

Really appreciated all your effort.
SP 1 and 2 are really great

chiakimils said...

hi, i have just recently watched nodame and i am soooo hooked in it...and i really enjoy everything that has posted here...i have a request though since i am not much of a computer techie, if you could give me a link where i could download the sp....i cannot access siantut appreciate anyones help....

Aglaia said...

Hey! Nice blog! The link you give is not working anymore.... do you know where I can find english subs for Nodame Cantabile Special Lesson 1???

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