Friday, January 11, 2008

[Subtitles] Nodame SP Lesson 1 English Softsubs(beta) by Siantut

Good news everyone, Siantut of S-projects has released the beta version of english softsubs for Special Lesson 1 at her website!^^ For those of you who cannot wait any longer, visit S-projects to get the subtitles(registration is necessary). Now please remember that this is a Beta version and NOT the finalized one, and there are bound to be errors and mistakes so there is no need to be extra critical or complaining about it, as Siantut will still be working on the QC before releasing the final version.

And no,I won't be answering your questions on "how to use softsubs/how does softsubs work" on this blog or through emails, so please feel free to google your questions or look around the various Asian Drama forums existing on the Net,and I'm sure you'll find what you need.

Enjoy Special Lesson 1 with subtitles,everybody!^^


marirob said...

Yay! I was checking the s-projects site daily and I was just about to send you an email to say the softsubs for the first part are up! But... I'm not going to have my Nodame party until later in the month - we're traveling next week and I'm going to wait until we get back. I'm rewatching the original series to get back in the mood - it's SO good!

meldinsky said...

Yes,you should do that,it's THE only way to get back in the mood after all.^^ I mean,I know I DID..lols.

Ahh~that means you'd probably be able to watch it with the finalized subs right?That would make the whole experience so much better,and it would be so worthy of the wait.Then it'd be an awesome party..woot!!^^

jodi ganteng said...

i like now