Sunday, January 6, 2008

[Streaming] Nodame SP Special Lesson 1 on Veoh

Another streaming alternative for watching Nodame SP! For a higher quality online viewing of Special Lesson 1, watch it in on Veoh as uploaded by user NM0412 or Ran of also have the option of downloading the clips through VeohTV, so check it out!^^

More Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe at:

Mel's Edit: It's fixed now!^^
Mel's Edit II: Go here for NM0412's link of Special Lesson 2!


sugary said...

you can see lesson 2 on you tube
write nodame sp and click on the group of aisukadane

ubo_chan said...

thx for this info ^^
i've watched Behind the scene clip which Ran also uploaded in Veoh. it's really funny!

hegera said...

That Veoh didn't work at all when i tried it some time ago, but you can go here:

but it's tiny bitsy slow.. but good quality!

meldinsky said...

sugary and hegera,I'm already well aware of both links,but I was planning on posting them on the upcoming entries.^^ Can't post everything at one go,ne?But thanks for the thoughtful notice.^^

sugary, I will post the YT links as soon as he/she is done with uploading all the parts.^^

ubo_chan Yeah,isn't it just awesome?I LOVE the BTS stuff,they're really fun to watch.^^

muebles cantabria said...

Wow, there is a lot of useful data above!

sekar see said...