Sunday, January 6, 2008

[Streaming] Nodame SP Special Lesson 1

You can now watch Special Lesson 1 (without subtitles) through online streaming, as uploaded by YouTube user aisukadane (thanks cindy for the info!) Mel's Edit: The videos are unfortunately no longer available,but I've replaced the links with another set of streaming links on another host,so it should work fine:

♥ Shinichi/Megumi ♥

= Part 1 = Part 2 = Part 3 = Part 4 =
= Part 5 = Part 6 = Part 7 = Part 8 =
= Part 9 = Part 10 = Part 11 = Part 12 =
Part 13 =

Go watch it there(while you still can ;-) and while we are at it, please don't grumble or complain about it being non-subbed and whatnot; this person had uploaded the clips voluntarily at his/her own expense and the least we could do for him/her is be polite and thankful, instead of complaining about everything.Sorry for the rant,it just really irritates me to see some of the comments posted on the videos.Some people just don't have any sense of manners..ohwell.

Some more Shinichi/Megumi ♥

Now that made me feel so much better.^^


namichwan said...

uwaa~~~i really hope im at my own house rather than school..(the new term is starting just few days ago)where the connection is super fast and i can fully switch on my nodame frenzy mode..uwa~~~ and mel is rite im one of the people who havent started to watch any of this sps. well, im restraining myself to read any spoilers..(its very hard!!!)

meldinsky said...

well namichwan,if you're still restraining,at least you'll watch it with subs ne,I mean if you watch it later.^^ said...

I fully match with whatever thing you've presented.

mama clara said...

very good episode