Saturday, January 12, 2008

[Soundtrack] Nodame Cantabile Best 100

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 1
MU: zipped

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 2
MU: zipped

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 3
SS: Zipped
MU: Zipped

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 4
SF: Part 1 = Part 2 = Part 3
MU: Zipped

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 5
SS: Zipped
MU: Nodame Cantabile Best 100 - Disc 1.rar [98.71MiB]

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 6
SS : Zipped
MU: Nodame Cantabile Best 100 - Disc 6.rar [104.24MiB]

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 7
SS: Zipped
MU: Nodame Cantabile Best 100 - Disc 7.rar [95.38MiB]

Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 8
MU: Nodame Cantabile Best 100 - Disc 8.rar [94.72MiB]

Mel's Edit: All links will now only be in Sendspace OR Megaupload.


Chris said...

Hey Mel... I have heard most of the soundtracks already and some of them I remember are not worth downloading... which ones do you recommend I download?

meldinsky said...

Hey Chris.! :D Hmm..the easiest solution I have for you is to go to my imeem page and have a listen to all the playlists I've uploaded there,and decide for your own.I honestly can't recommend cuz I think for classical music it all depends on that one person's preference,so here's this link:

Most of the playlist are already posted at this blog of course,so if you dont feel like going to imeem,just browse through the labels.^^

Hope that helped!

little sev said...

I'm always confused of the Best 100 because there are too many *lol* Is the Special Best just special tracks from the Best 100? If they are, I'll probably download only the box 1-8. Btw, the MF links don't work, or is it just me? Thanks loads for these. I like zipped files haha :D

meldinsky said...

Actually,the Special BEST cd is the accompaniment CD for the 2 episodes Special in Europe,basically the soundtrack for the SP,whereas the Best 100 songs featured a lot of songs that appeared in the manga.I cant exactly tell to you up to which Volume,but yeah they are mentioned in the manga.^^

And so although they didn't exactly appear in the live action or anime version,they are a great help for manga readers who wants to experience the music.And then the are the difference between the music from the manga,and what they chose to feature in the live-action.Lol..i hope that make sense.

meldinsky said...

Basically in Best 100 they gave us the complete movements,not just certain parts.If you'd like to know more about the diferrence between the various CD available related to Nodame Cantabile,I dedicated this entry to the whole thing,so please feel free to read it.^^

little sev said...

Whoa, thank you! That surely helps understand lots of things :] I think I'll download the Special Best after all ^^

Chris said...

Mel, how do you know so much? :)

meldinsky said...

Haha chris,I'm just a fan.And you're welcome,and you too little sev.

Anonymous said...

could you kindly upload box 4 and box 8 on sendspace? much thanks :) - jenelle

KS said...

Hi Meldinsky! how come the disk 4 download link isnt working? =( Can you fixed it pleaseeeeee.... Arigato!

Vampspiro said...

Awesome Awesome blog you got here love all the nodame cantabile stuff Both the anime and the live action are purely amazing....
with that said lolz >.<
link 5 (MU) is kinda liking to disc 1 ...
And link 6 (MU) to disc 2 i think its gone abit wrong >.< 7 and 8 are fine.. though xD one request can you MU all of them...its much more faster/secure .
thank you

P.s; Your a Legend..Nodame Forever.

Anonymous said...

you are truly awesome !!
thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much =)

Sana said...

The post is made of so much win. And you've stolen my heart for the day. Bless you. <3

meldinsky said...

vampspiro,thanks for the notice,I will try to look into it when I find the time,i'm caught up with soo many things in RL right now. xD

aww Sana..thanks,bless you too.^^

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting/sharing.=)

IFyaNi said...

Hey... the links do not seem to work for the downloads... at least I tried the links for the 1st soundtrack zip file but it didn't work, not sure bout the rest...

kindly check yeah :)

Anonymous said...

hie hie.

thanks for the uploads, but the download link for the second disc is the same as the 4th disc?

can please check it out?

thanks in advance.

email me to reply straight if u want.

KkKuno said...

hey mel..i do like ur blog and all these resources..but do u mind to upload all these back to MU?..i mean any which is not on MU or MU's link broken..
Thx in advance

meldinsky said...

I've provided MU links for all the CDs.and won't be uploading them to any different servers after this.So enjoy!^^

pocky~chan said...

its only now that i discovered nodame cantabile (shame on a classical music lover like me!)~^^ i watched the 11 eps. + 2 sp in 1 day! thanks for UL the ost. arigatou gozaimasu!

meldinsky said...

@ pocky~chan
hi there!you know what they say,it's better late than never!So welcome to Nodameverse!And enjoy your stay here..lols.^^

Meghan said...

Wow! So much music! Thank you for uploading all of this! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much 4 all this classical musics!! I love love love!!

nic_c12 said...

hi uh. are these albums all the music heard in nodame cantabile anime and live action?

thanks btw :)

Chris said...

These are the albums for the live action. I haven't heard from Mel in the longest and she had this up for a long time already so I hope this info helps.

Its the best 100 because a lot of music got played on the live action albeit in snippets or were covered in the manga (if you haven't read it there is some differences which you will enjoy).

hitomi said...

This Best 100 also played on anime series. You can regonize the musics if you listen carefully. And of coz it won't full lengh in anime. When nodame involve in piano competetion then you will notice that most of songs are also included in best 100.

Thanks to meldinsky for this upload. Love you..huhu

Anonymous said...

can u post the list?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uploads!!
hontoni daisuke!! ^____^

Zoe said...

I actually love you so much, ive been looking for the complete forever, thanks!!!! ^__^

Anonymous said...

hei,thx for the link
I want to ask something, what is the song name which saiko sing in episode 1? the song sound like ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing MU link!!! :DD
love you =3

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for uploading these! It was only just recently that I watched Nodame Cantabile, and I still have a hangover from it. Seriously the BEST dorama I've ever watched. :D

ichinisan said...

I can't find Nodame Cantabile Best 100 Collection Box 5

Ngô Thanh Vân said...

why is the link for box 5 (MU) linking to box 1 :(

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Shelley said...

Can some please upload disc 5?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the upload. I found your blog from google and you saved me a lot of trouble of finding all the individual songs. I was disappointed when I downloaded the OSTs and there wasn't close to as many songs as I was hoping for. Thank you!!

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Anonymous said...

Atsuto >>
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its so nice... many thx~
who says Classical don't ROCK??!!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for uploading the music!!!!
awww <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Anw, i;ve tried to download the sountrack, but it seems the 2nd disc's link is broken or what?
it doesn't work to me.. :(
can you please check it? ;)

shl615 said...

Can you please re upload disc 2 and 4 ????? please!!! can you please email me thanks!

Sanosuke ichizen said...

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Thanks Before

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