Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe Subtitles News #2

I finally checked on SARS Fansubs Wiki page, after being tipped about it in my first SP Subtitles post and found this exciting bit of information:

So we can now be relieved in the knowledge that SARS Fansubs will be releasing the hardsubbed version of the 2-episodes Special Drama,and I'm a happy camper 'cuz they never disappoint with the quality of their hardsubbed videos.^^

As an update on the softsubs front,I'm reposting Siantut of s-projects' post from d-addicts here:

Yes, as what I said on my post in this thread on Sept 2nd, I am going to sub Nodame SP (softsubs).
Thank you to Joeboygo for reconfirming it again on my behalf here.
I have also announced it on my site when the news about the SP was out.

This is the schedule according to the The Television magazine I just bought today:
Jan 4th: 9:00 - 11.22 PM (almost 2 and a half hours)
Jan 5th: 9:00 - 11.30 PM (exactly 2 and a half hours)

I will work on them as soon as I can get the RAW and timings, and will upload the softsubs here and on my site too.

So yoroshiku onegaishimasu to all our fansubbers,we're counting on you.Thank you so much!!^^


*Roses* said...

confused. What is the difference between hard sub and soft sub??

meldinsky said...

To make things simpler,I'm just copying this paragraph from Wiki's definition:

There are several methods of subbing currently used. "Hard" subtitles, or hard subs, are encoded into the footage, and thus become hard to remove from the video without losing video quality (this can be done with a VirtualDub Filter). "Soft" subtitles, or soft subs, are subtitles applied at playback time from a subtitle datafile, either mixed directly into the video file, or in a separate file. With the correct media player or an auxiliary program softsubs are superimposed on the footage and appear indistinguishable from hardsubs. Hard subs have traditionally been more popular than softsubs, due to a lack of player support and worries over plagiarism, but recently (as of 2006) several major fansub groups have begun using softsubs. Since modern video media can contain multiple softsubs, some groups release fansubs with several translations into different languages, or differently styled subtitles to fit different preferences

You can read more about fansubs here:

Most of the time,softsubs are finished earlier so we get to use them together with the RAW clip we've downloaded.Whereas hardsubs,with it's special effects on the texts and such,usually requires a little bit more time in waiting before we can watch it.^^

NodameFan said...

any idea when the subs will be done??

meldinsky said...

No,no idea.Still waiting like everybody else.But will definitely blog about it when it is finally available.