Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mel's Note #7 - It's over..(or is it really?)

xXx Withdrawals,it ain't your time YET! xXx

Ahh~~the SP has actually,officially ended!It's quite hard to believe that it's all over now,but for some of us it hasn't even begun yet,ne?^^ I'm sorry I'm a little bit late in updating the blog today, but I was away all night yesterday and have just returned.And yes,that means I didn't get to watch
Special Lesson 2 last night,but it's all good..I don't want it to end just yet.

So I returned today to a lot of good news and surprises in store, including some direct download links!Yes,dear friends(and silent leechers)..for all of you who has been waiting for it, fellow Nodame fan Tiffiany has so graciously uploaded Special Lesson 1 on MU for us, and had surprised me with the links when I checked my inbox. ^^

I'll be posting those links later, and don't forget to say your thanks to Tiffiany. At the same time I'd really love it if more direct links can be shared here at this blog, so if you're still thinking about it,please be assured that your contributions are always welcomed and are greatly appreciated!

The SP has now ended and from what I've read and heard so far,to my utmost happiness,everyone had enjoyed it tremendously.But don't forget we still have the subtitles to look forward to(both versions), so don't let the withdrawal bugs get to you just yet!^^