Friday, January 4, 2008

Mel's Note #6- One hundred shades of pinkish giddiness

xXx Haunn! xXx

In a series of unplanned,unexpected,unprecedented but very fortunate events,I somehow had the chance to watch the first part of the Nodame SP while it was airing in Japan a few hours ago.^__^

Sure,I missed almost 30 minutes of the beginning part.And granted,the quality of the image was really bad and the audio quality was unquestionably horrific - nothing near what a musically centered drama such as Nodame Cantabile deserved.But oh sweet god,it made my day..or should I say,my night.

I had no idea how much I missed watching Nodame and Chiaki on the screen again,until just now.How much I missed the music and the antics,how much I was longing for the pure magic that was Nodame Cantabile Live Action.And to say that the whole experience was awesome would be the biggest understatement.^^

Chiaki's conducting competition scenes,NodamexChiaki rabu,and many more!!I am much more calmer now,but I was positively going crazy(but in a good way) when I just finished watching the first part.I absolutely adored it,and I can't wait to properly watch it again when the raws are available.And I can't wait for everybody else to get to watch it too,and share the excitement with me.^^

The first part is over,and tomorrow it's on to the second and final one.I refuse to consider the withdrawals I''m going to have to experience after this just yet,so for now..let's just (bask in the SP glow/afterglow and) enjoy ourselves shall we?I'll try my best to keep updating the blog with whatever is necessary,so stay tuned!^^

*And to J,old mate..arigatou gozaimashita!!


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marirob said...

I'm so happy that you got to watch the SP! My husband suggested I call my cousin in Tokyo and set up a webcam so I could watch the special - is that what you did? Oh, I can't WAIT to see it! I have officially decided that my cats are dressing up as Nodame and Chiaki for Halloween this year... now to plan their outfits!