Friday, January 4, 2008

[Links] Nodame Cantabile Special Lesson 1 & BTS Special

It's finally out!BT users,you can find what you need here and there's also a bonus,the Behind The Scene special,which you can find here.

Have fun!^^

( Caps/Art by bittersweet_bun)

Mel's Edit: Please take note that these links are for the torrents, NOT direct downloads.I will put up the DD links if I found/received any.Thanks.


Anonymous said...

is it subbed or raw?

nash2y said...

thanks so much for putting the download links for us your blog reader..meldinsky u rock !!!!!!!!!!! =D =D

meldinsky said...

Anon It just aired on TV less than 24 hours ago,so it's just raw.^^

nash2y I just reposted the torrent link,nothing much.But when I obtain the Direct Download links,I'll definitely post them here too.^^

shayanid said...

Hi Mel!!!
Thanks for the links. This makes a very good new year gift. :)

Keypi said...

thank u...but how can i download those from the site you've posted? i'm's like i can't seem to download it....what should i do? thanks

meldinsky said...

HI keypi.The links I've posted are not Direct Download links,instead they are for downloading through torrents which means you need a torrent client to actually download the file.You can read more about it here

If you can only download using Direct Download Links(through file hosts such as Megaupload,SendSpace etc) I think you have to wait for a while,because it seems so far there are no DDL available yet.Hopefully someone(or two) will be kind enough to re-upload the files onto filehosts and share the link with the rest us.If I ever find/received any direct download links I will post them here.So please be patient,it all depends on the volunteers.^^

But if you want to use the torrent,make sure you have a BitTorrent software first,such as uTorrent or bitComet.Hope that helped.^^

keypi said...

ok thanks a lot!

fxhawaii said...

I read so much useful data above!