Saturday, January 5, 2008

[Links] Nodame Cantabile Special Lesson 1 on MU by Tiffiany

As I've mentioned in my previous note, here are the MU links for Special Lesson 1, courtesy of Tiffiany(thank you!!).^^

Please use HJSplit to join files after downloading all parts
(Uploaded by: Tiffiany)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Happy DLing, have an awesome time watching Special Lesson 1,and don't forget to thank Tiffiany for her hardwork!^^


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone else downloaded this yet? I tried to combine it and it didn't work, and I know how to do it since I've done it so many times, so I was wondering if it's just me?

But thanks for uploading regardless!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm hesitant to download it, if there is something wrong with the files. So nobody else had the the problem that kookie315 ran into?

meldinsky said...

Hi anon,I've been in touch with kookie315 and she has mentioned that she discovered something wrong probably happened while she was downloading,so she re-downloaded the one part,and then everything worked out fine.^^

Other than kookie315 nobody else had problems with the parts,so I hope it wont cause any problem for you as well.

Kronic said...

is that a dvd rip? by looking at the filesizes, i think it's a hdrip or something. do u have smaller encodes?

opak rambak said...

very thanks