Saturday, December 22, 2007

[Magazine caps] Nodame SP Pics #1

Beware, dear Nodamefan friends..for I,Meldinsky am in an extreme picspamming mode!^^ I returned a day ago to discover that (as I had expected) loads and loads more new images from the SP had surfaced on The Net, thanks to the various magazines featuring it on several articles and the wonderfully dedicated fans who scanned/captured them.Most of the new pics are indeed spoilers for the Special,so don't say I didn't warn you!

So here are the pics for you,more than 55 images in total,in 3 parts:

(Photos credits: tissuepaper@Xuite, minna @pixnet & phorni@pixnet )

Click on image to view it in actual size

xXx Some things never change.. xXx

xXx Doesn't this just make you go.."Aww.." xXx

xXx Chiaki's apartment? xXx

To be continued..^^

Friday, December 21, 2007

[Video] Nodame SP Teaser Clip!

Gyabo!!It's finally here,the much awaited teaser clip for the Shinshun Special!And we get a confirmation in this one;the *garden scene* is in it!!*spazzing*

Watch the clip:

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We're getting there.. ^__^

Monday, December 17, 2007

[Pics + Scans] More Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe!

I'll be going away for a while,so before I are some more pics and scans from our much awaited SP.^^

(Credits to tissuepaper@Xuite and also nodamel@pixnet)

= Manga VS Live Action! =

xXx It's xXx

xXx Jean et Yuko? xXx

xXx Check out Nodame's is SO similar!Sugoi!.. xXx

= The Scans =

xXx Chiaki Shinichi & Noda Megumi xXx

xXx I hope this better be what I think it will be,OR ELSE.. xXx

xXx Familiar faces return! xXx

Till we meet again,enjoy the pics.Gyaha!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

[Pics + Video] Nodame as Mozart!And the possibilities..

Here's Nodame all dressed up at her recital,plus a new clip featuring a quartet possibly featuring Kuroki.^^ I'm sure fellow manga readers will recognize the significant of this particular event;I's Mozart,Andre,and quite possibly..the garden scene?

Yes ladies and gentlemen,it seems like we might be getting that romantic rendezvous in the gardens after's definitely a possibility.Indeed I am very surprised at how far into the Europe arc of the manga the production had decided to go with for the SP,and at how many important moments will be coming alive in the SP,but of course this is a very,very pleasant surprise!Ahh~~I'm so anxious to watch the SP!^^

xXx She's still kawaii..even as Mozart xXx

xXx Kurokin? xXx

Watch the clip:

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