Saturday, December 15, 2007

[Playlist]Nodame Cantabile La Folle Journee Selection 4

[Video] Nodame SP News #3

Another short clip about the Nodame SP news,and this one featured a scene from the manga that I just adore and am so excited to watch: Nodame and Chiaki at a Cafe.

.xXx This.... xXx

xXx ...finally becomes this xXx

Watch the clip:

Is it 2008 already?xD

Friday, December 14, 2007

Nodame SP Subtitles News!

Posted at d-addict forums by joeboygo :

Just to make it official...

Siantut, who subbed the original series, has reconfirmed to me that she intends to sub the special as well. She could use some help in obtaining the raw and timing.

Kyaaa~~~this is an awesome piece of news!I've been waiting for this announcement for weeks now,and I was hoping that Siantut of S-Projects or SARS Fansubs will pick the Nodame Cantabile SP subbing project,and's finally here!Truthfully I would've been happy if any fansubbing team decided to do the subs(that's how desperate I was) but now I can look forward to the SP with relief,knowing that it is Siantut who's going to be working on it.A little background information on Siantut,she was the person who worked hard and did the softsubs for the Nodame Cantabile Live Action dorama(with which I first watched my Nodame Cantabile dorama,thank you very much),and later co-operated with the wonderful SARS Fansubs team when SARS produced the very nice hardsubbed version of the episodes.^^ So yeah,I'm really glad to discover this piece of is going to be extremely helpful for us non-Japanese speakers Nodame fans ne?

Ganbatte kudasai,Siantut-san!Dozo yoroshiku!^^

[Pics] NodamexChiaki Love,etc from SP

I bring more images from the upcoming Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe!Here are the ShinichixMegumi photos that made the fangirl in me feel all warm and toasty and got my toes all tingly...and then the photo that ruined it all! xD

(Full Credit goes to tissuepaper@Xuite for the wonderful pics!)

xXx Chiaki watches over Nodame xXx

xXx Could this be..a hug? xXx

xXx But alas,The Timpani Queen just had to show some lovin' to his favourite conductor xXx

And here's Nodame with little Frank(I believe) as a bonus:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

[Video + Caps] Yamada Yu as Son Rui

Say hello to Son Rui,everybody.

Watch the clip(and the little smile/wink at the end):


And the SP just got a little bit more interesting. ^^