Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mel's Note #3 - I'm no longer on YouTube.

xXx I still can't believe this happened.*blinks* xXx

Dear friends,

As some of you might have already noticed,my account on YouTube has been permanently disabled. (TT) I had no chance to do anything about it, as apparently my account was closed immediately after the "infringement" notices were sent to my email, and I only checked my email a few minutes ago. *-*

I am deeply disheartened with what happened,and am still in shock that it happened so suddenly.Although I was aware of the possibilities of such a situation to occur before this,I am very regretful that I wasn't given any extra time or opportunities to do anything about it,especially considering the fact I was not in any way uploading anything that was an actual content of the drama episodes,and there were several videos on the account that was from my private collection.And now all the videos in my collection are gone,and it will take me quite some time to search and re-upload all the videos onto another video sharing service.And I am honestly not in the most enthusiastic of moods to do anything of that sort at the moment.

That said however, you can still watch some of the older videos on my Dailymotion account,or my Veoh account. I still haven't made any decision whether to continue uploading the other Nodame Cantabile-related videos to either of those two accounts,or create a new one at another video sharing service,but I will definitely mention my solution about it on my future posts here.

A few days ago I was in such a blissful mode because of the Nodame New Year SP news, and now it's such a sad,sad day for me.Thank you to all of you who has been very supportive of my videos on YouTube and I'm honoured to have had the chance to share my enjoyment of the videos with all of you.

Mel (TT)

Mel's Edit: I will try to fix the video link for the Nodame SP First Look clip as soon as I can.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

[News]New Year SP Drama Nodame Cantabile Report

xXx "What's that?You can't wait to watch us on the SP?" xXx

xXx "Don't worry,we'll be back very soon!"xXx

Here's the original news source from sanspo.com.

And here's a report for it, courtesy of the wonderful Jen from arashi-maniac.vox.com

Juri and Tamaki just cranked-in for the New Year SP drama [Nodame Cantabile]!!! Yatta!! They are now in Paris, and have started filming!! Here you go!

(1) Filming started in Paris from 23 Oct, will end on 10 Nov.

(2) More than 70 staff from Japan are there filming this 2-night drama SP.

(3) Many french fans turned up as "extras" for the drama filming.

(4) Filming will be done on the streets of Paris and at some famous sight-seeing locations eg Eiffel Tower!

(5) Both Tamaki and Juri were immediately INTO their drama characters and everything went well.

Yatta!!I can't wait to watch the SP Drama!^^ And thank you very much Jen for her awesome and informative report.^^