Friday, December 21, 2007

[Video] Nodame SP Teaser Clip!

Gyabo!!It's finally here,the much awaited teaser clip for the Shinshun Special!And we get a confirmation in this one;the *garden scene* is in it!!*spazzing*

Watch the clip:

Uploaded by meldinsky

We're getting there.. ^__^


marirob said...

Gyabo! I am so excited! I just watched the preview three times! I can't wait!

Must... prepare... for... Nodame party!!!!

ubo_chan said...

Hi! i'm also a big fan of Nodame >V<

thank you soo much for many updates!!

when I watch the teaser clip, i just can't wait to watch the SP soon! GYABOO!

meldinsky said...

Yes Mari,better start preparing for that special NOW!^^

hello ubo-chan,you're very welcome.we're all very excited now..MUKYAA!

Anonymous said...

hai minna!!!
first of ol would like to thank meldinsky for ol d updates!!! ive been visiting diz site regularly but never hv d time to jot sumthing. waaaaa~~~~ just can wait for the SP.... ive been in nodame frenzy mode since i watch the drama early diz year... argh~~~ juz cant wait!!!