Saturday, December 1, 2007

[Video] "Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe" News #1

I've uploaded the Nodame SP News, so here are the clip and the caps:

And here's a rough summary/translation of the clip as done by hydeism of LJ.(Thank you so much!!You're awesome!^^)

At the beginning part,Ueno Juri was talking about cutting her hair and colouring it into being 'Nodame'.

Voice over was talking about the Nodame TV series last year and how it ended up having SP episodes. The SP will be a 3 hours and is supposed to be of the 'special time together in Paris for the both of them ( Chiaki and Nodame ).

The later part of the interview :
Ueno Juri : I didn't have my handphone with me for 20 days. But it was completely okay.
Tamaki Hiroshi : It never did crossed my mind even once about "wanting to go home" [ when he was there filming in Paris ]. If I had my way I would love to stay there forever. Going back to Japan; there'll be bulks of work waiting for me so I get scared thinking about it..

Some caps:

xXx Nodame asking Chiaki about breakfast xXx

xXx Nodame,Lady Mischief xXx

xXx Beautiful views xXx

xXx A picturesque backdrop for a wonderful (love) story xXx

"A special time together in Paris" for Nodame and Chiaki huh?It's getting to be more and more exciting now..I simply cannot wait for 2008 to begin. ^___^


NOX said...


I am really suprised, beacause I take part on the creating SPECIAL Nodame in Prague (like crowd in theathres and hotel). When we shooting second day some new faces had appered. And I said to my fried.: "Hey I know that boy, he looks like one J-Pop no no it have to be mistake, Why the singer should have to take part in this." And now I am reading that he was HIM... :-D I am pretty angry beacause I think about that I will ask him for a sing.

This shooting was great fun. I love Japanese and they were great all of them, and "Nodame" is as funny as in picture...But Chiaki isnt as arogant as in it :-P

I am very impatient for wathing this picture. ^_^

meldinsky said...

welcome NOX to my blog!WOW..I think that's AMAZING that you're one of the people that were involved with the making of the drama in Prague!omg I can't believe you were part of it and you're here at my blog!that's like..probably the closest I'll ever get to the Nodame Cantabile Drama world..ever!^__^ was Eiji Wentz of the group WaT,you were a keen one that you could recognize him.^^ OMG,if you don't mind,can you share more about your experience with the shooting in Prague with me,and I can post it in a new post entry at this blog,I'm sure a lot of other fans would love to read about it as well.:) Like,how many hours were the shoot,how many people were involved ,things like that.Of course you don't have to disclose anything you are not supposed to,that would be understandable.or maybe,some pictures?*bat eyelashes prettily*

if you feel like it you can email me at if you don't it would be okay too.just the fact that you commented me has made me very pleased,thanks v.much nox!

NOX said...

I will write you everything what I remember... but I have no photo because I forgot my camera at my parents house.

Today I have lot of work but I hope that I could write you Email yesterday.

See ya

meldinsky said...

thank you nox,I'll be looking forward to that mail!^^ but don't worry take your time,just email me when you are free to do so.and it's okay if there's no photos,just your story would be lovely.

see you around!^^

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Han Hye Wook said...

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