Tuesday, December 11, 2007

[Video + Caps] Yamada Yu as Son Rui

Say hello to Son Rui,everybody.

Watch the clip(and the little smile/wink at the end):


And the SP just got a little bit more interesting. ^^


Anonymous said...

Wow, they really get far into the Europe arc! I can't wait to watch this since it's gonna include a lot of my favorite scenes, mukya! ^^

meldinsky said...

Hello Anon,yeah..I had a look at the songlist from the CD that's going to be released in time for the SP,and my gosh I was really surprised at how much from the Europe arc is going to be in it,if the songs are indeed any indication..mukyaa~

cheryl said...

so finally we have Rui here ;)) but do you know how far in the manga that these 2 special episodes will go? wonder if the actress who plays Rui can play the piano herself?! :D keep updating ;) Bon courage Mel! :x

meldinsky said...

hi cheryl^^..I think it's going to be quite far,Nodame's recital at the castle is going to be in it from the pics,but I don't know HOW far exactly though.And I think they will show some bits where Yamada Yu's playing the piano but for the close-up scenes of the hands actually playing,they'll definitely uses someone else.^^