Sunday, December 16, 2007

[Pics + Video] Nodame as Mozart!And the possibilities..

Here's Nodame all dressed up at her recital,plus a new clip featuring a quartet possibly featuring Kuroki.^^ I'm sure fellow manga readers will recognize the significant of this particular event;I's Mozart,Andre,and quite possibly..the garden scene?

Yes ladies and gentlemen,it seems like we might be getting that romantic rendezvous in the gardens after's definitely a possibility.Indeed I am very surprised at how far into the Europe arc of the manga the production had decided to go with for the SP,and at how many important moments will be coming alive in the SP,but of course this is a very,very pleasant surprise!Ahh~~I'm so anxious to watch the SP!^^

xXx She's still kawaii..even as Mozart xXx

xXx Kurokin? xXx

Watch the clip:

Uploaded by meldinsky


p!nkroma said...

Thanks for the pictures and video!

Seems like Nodame will be performing her first ever recital! *crosses fingers* the garden scene will be included!


cheryl said...

the "garden scene" :x :x :x
and don't u remember there another KIND OF "scene" before ;))
when nodame gets jealous of Rui and she played piano like crazy and then Chiaki pull her hands and.... :X :x :x :x

p!nkroma said...

yep. i remembered that scene too. i so wish they include that scene also.

meldinsky said...

I too am soo wishing for that particular scene,and I think they are going to include that one too.:DD