Friday, December 14, 2007

[Pics] NodamexChiaki Love,etc from SP

I bring more images from the upcoming Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe!Here are the ShinichixMegumi photos that made the fangirl in me feel all warm and toasty and got my toes all tingly...and then the photo that ruined it all! xD

(Full Credit goes to tissuepaper@Xuite for the wonderful pics!)

xXx Chiaki watches over Nodame xXx

xXx Could this be..a hug? xXx

xXx But alas,The Timpani Queen just had to show some lovin' to his favourite conductor xXx

And here's Nodame with little Frank(I believe) as a bonus:


bmwracer said...

Cool, a Nodame Live Action blog...

I'm bookmarking this. :D

meldinsky said...

hi bmwracer,glad you found the blog..although it isn't much and my English is weird most of the time.xD and thanks for the comment.^^

bmwracer said...

Ehh, you're English is fine... :)

Besides, we all speak Nodame-go, ne?

Mukyaa...! :D

p!nkroma said...

thanks for sharing these nodame sp goodies. c",)

bmwracer said...

Great job!

Keep the pics coming...!


meldinsky said...

Yup racer,all Nodame fans must know the Nodame-go.. *lols*

I will try my best to keep the images coming.^^ Gyahaa~

And you're welcome,pinkroma! :)

ashiteru Nodame desu said...

another nodame site!!

mykaaa~!!! more pics more pics


ganbate ne nodame!!may ur misic touch all hearts!!!(next season? ^^)

Anonymous said...

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