Monday, December 31, 2007

Mel's Note #5 - The 100th Post! Into the new year ~

xXx Goodbye,2007 and Hello,2008 xXx

Dear friends,

How do you do,minna?Contemplating on the year that was 2007,and excited of the promising prospect that is going to be 2008,no doubt?^^ Where I'm typing this from,it's going to be the New Year in less than 3 hours,so I thought it would be fun to leave a note as my 100th entry on this blog before I go out for the night.^^

In my first blog entry which I made a few months ago,I mentioned that this blog came into existence unintentionally on my part. While it wasn't something that I had planned properly beforehand,everything just fell into place easily,and soon I found myself working hard at it and enjoying myself as I was doing so.

Of course,there were a few disheartening setbacks that I had to go through,but at the same time because of this blog,I was able to help out and meet more Nodamefan friends and spread more of the Nodame Cantabile love.♥ And it's something I'm very happy about and this 'accidental' experience has definitely provided me with one more reason on why my year of 2007 was such a memorable one.Especially since the blog has been receiving a steady stream of visitors everyday now,and I'm very thankful for your support,arigatou gozaimasu.^^

When I first heard the rumours about it,I was a little bit skeptical but undeniably exhilarated at the same time.And when the confirmation finally happened,there was no describing of how thrilled and thankful I am that the SP's actually becoming a reality.And come 4th and 5th of January in the new year,the much awaited
"Nodame Cantabile Shinshun Special in Europe" will be aired in Japan. Somebody asked me if I am going to keep continuing with the blog after all the SP hype is over,so here's my answer ~ the blog will still be here,but I can't promise that I will be able to update it as regularly as I did previously.

Having said that, although I started this blog with the clear intention of dedicating it to the Live Action dorama, the Nodameverse is such an intricate,wonderfully weaved together kind of thing ~ with the manga,the live-action AND the anime available(God bless Ninomiya-sensei), I was never really able to concentrate on just that one part of it anyway, so I guess as long as the manga is still running(and the hardworking NCIS team is still scanlating!) I might still have one or two things Nodame I can blog about here in the future.So we'll see what happens.^^

Till I see you again in 2008,here's to the new year!And the SP..gyabo!

Waiting on the year to change,


Arashi said...

Hi~ I've never write here before (because of many reasons) but I've been visiting this blog for a long time until now, I'm a mexican nodame fan and just wanted to thank you for doing this! ^_^ nodame is such a great story and it will be one of my favorites forever, so on the first place I was really happy for having found this blog witch many information about nodame =) so again: thankyou ^_^ and happy new year!

tooshtoosh said...

I'm really glad you kept this blog going, it's been an awesome Nodame resource ^_^. I may have commented once or twice before, but I think I left those as anonymous, hehe. I've been visiting for quite a while, and will continue to do so as long as the manga continues :].

Hopes for a wonderful start to 2008, so HAPPY NEW YEAR! GYABO~

ubo_chan said...

I regularly visit your blog lately, to check updates of Nodame. ^^
I'm glad you keep updating the news, the video and anything about Nodame.
So.. ganbatte! \(^o^)/
This year will be opened with 5 hours long Nodame SP on 4th and 5th January, a good start of 2008.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a wonderful days! ^^

ploy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MEL! wishing you all the * happiness. i've been coming to your blog for the past few's hands-down the best nodame fansite on the internet. thank you for everything!!

meldinsky said...

arashi I'm happy that you commented.^^ it's always nice to know who's been visiting this blog..and I'm happy I started it too..for all Nodamefans to share in the fun with me.^^

tooshtoosh So don't be anonymous anymore after this,yeah?^^ Hope you have a wonderful 2008!

ubo_chan Ganbattemasu!Thank you very much for everything,and yes..our 2008 is starting with a bang,now that we have the SP to watch,gyabo!:D

awww,thanks ploy for the kind words!i'll try to give my best to the blog while I still can.^^

marirob said...

Thank you so much mel for having this website! It's such a wonderful resource and I love having a place to share with other Nodame fans out there. happy new year!!!!

meldinsky said...

Happy New Year,Mari Thanks for the support you've given me!It's going to be a couple of days now towards the SP,so good luck with your Nodame party!^^