Monday, December 24, 2007

[Magazine caps] Nodame SP Pics #3 - Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri

Presenting the wonderful Tamaki Hiroshi as Chiaki Shinichi,and the one and only Ueno Juri as Noda Megumi@ Nodame from the hit Japanese dorama "Nodame Cantabile".

(Photos credits: tissuepaper@Xuite, minna @pixnet & phorni@pixnet )

Click on image to view it in actual size

xXx Such fun poses! xXx

Aren't they just gorgeous?^^


Anonymous said...

chiaki kun really lose weight ehh!!! pic num 6 esp. d one where he's alone. his face looks longer than usual...and do you have any idea the special ep will cover till where??

meldinsky said...

yeah,Tamaki-san sure lost a lot of weight,must've been because of his workload this past year.I'm not sure till where the SP will cover but at least we know a lot of major events from the manga will be covered.^^