Saturday, December 22, 2007

[Magazine caps] Nodame SP Pics #1

Beware, dear Nodamefan friends..for I,Meldinsky am in an extreme picspamming mode!^^ I returned a day ago to discover that (as I had expected) loads and loads more new images from the SP had surfaced on The Net, thanks to the various magazines featuring it on several articles and the wonderfully dedicated fans who scanned/captured them.Most of the new pics are indeed spoilers for the Special,so don't say I didn't warn you!

So here are the pics for you,more than 55 images in total,in 3 parts:

(Photos credits: tissuepaper@Xuite, minna @pixnet & phorni@pixnet )

Click on image to view it in actual size

xXx Some things never change.. xXx

xXx Doesn't this just make you go.."Aww.." xXx

xXx Chiaki's apartment? xXx

To be continued..^^


Anonymous said...

isnt the building looks so much like the one in the manga??? and i notice some of the pic looks soooo much like in the manga scene....waa~~~~
its getting on my nerve..i cant wait anymore!!!!

meldinsky said...

I agree,it does seem like they are following the manga closely in terms of the details and of certain "looks".And I must say I'm very happy with that decision,it's just AWESOME to watch what we read in the manga coming to live so brilliantly..kya~~ it's so close!