Sunday, November 4, 2007

[News]New Year SP Drama Nodame Cantabile Report

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And here's a report for it, courtesy of the wonderful Jen from

Juri and Tamaki just cranked-in for the New Year SP drama [Nodame Cantabile]!!! Yatta!! They are now in Paris, and have started filming!! Here you go!

(1) Filming started in Paris from 23 Oct, will end on 10 Nov.

(2) More than 70 staff from Japan are there filming this 2-night drama SP.

(3) Many french fans turned up as "extras" for the drama filming.

(4) Filming will be done on the streets of Paris and at some famous sight-seeing locations eg Eiffel Tower!

(5) Both Tamaki and Juri were immediately INTO their drama characters and everything went well.

Yatta!!I can't wait to watch the SP Drama!^^ And thank you very much Jen for her awesome and informative report.^^

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