Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mel's Note #3 - I'm no longer on YouTube.

xXx I still can't believe this happened.*blinks* xXx

Dear friends,

As some of you might have already noticed,my account on YouTube has been permanently disabled. (TT) I had no chance to do anything about it, as apparently my account was closed immediately after the "infringement" notices were sent to my email, and I only checked my email a few minutes ago. *-*

I am deeply disheartened with what happened,and am still in shock that it happened so suddenly.Although I was aware of the possibilities of such a situation to occur before this,I am very regretful that I wasn't given any extra time or opportunities to do anything about it,especially considering the fact I was not in any way uploading anything that was an actual content of the drama episodes,and there were several videos on the account that was from my private collection.And now all the videos in my collection are gone,and it will take me quite some time to search and re-upload all the videos onto another video sharing service.And I am honestly not in the most enthusiastic of moods to do anything of that sort at the moment.

That said however, you can still watch some of the older videos on my Dailymotion account,or my Veoh account. I still haven't made any decision whether to continue uploading the other Nodame Cantabile-related videos to either of those two accounts,or create a new one at another video sharing service,but I will definitely mention my solution about it on my future posts here.

A few days ago I was in such a blissful mode because of the Nodame New Year SP news, and now it's such a sad,sad day for me.Thank you to all of you who has been very supportive of my videos on YouTube and I'm honoured to have had the chance to share my enjoyment of the videos with all of you.

Mel (TT)

Mel's Edit: I will try to fix the video link for the Nodame SP First Look clip as soon as I can.


Fe said...

I'm very sad to hear that your account in Youtube is blocked. Thank you for creating such intereting youtube acocunt and sharing interesting nodame's videos with us. I hope you will not lose your enthusiasm and keep on running this blog. Ganbatte ne...

haracas said...

omg noooo thank you soo much though for uploading all the stuff XD. Like the poster above me said: hope you don't lose hope and continue to run this blog!

qungyi said...

Hello Mel,

I feel sorry when I hear the news. I don't understand why Youtube make such a decision because like you said, you did not upload any part of the Cantabile episodes. Anyway, I get to know you because of Nodame, and I really appreciate your sharing of these precious and joyous moments. Cheer up!

*Roses* said...

I think I can understand the copyright infringement as after all the clip is from the DVD but nonetheless, I think it is equally frustrated all the effort becomes nothing when they deleted the uploaded clips.

I too must THANK YOU for sharing with us the clips. Without it, I didn't have so much laughs (from the NG) and I wouldn't know there are NGs to watch as the DVD I bought from overseas which contain subtitles (as I needed it) is not original & they took out the bloopers section.

So once again, thank you VERY much & hope you & everyone else who loves Nodame Cantabile will continue to support them. ^_^

marirob said...

Hi Mel,

I'm so sorry about your YouTube account, it's unfortunate it happened. :(

But I hope you keep sharing your enthusiasm for Nodame with all of us! You've really gotten me excited about the special, and I love tuning into your blog for the latest.
mari :) (gyabo!)

Anonymous said...

That is such a great shame, and its even worse that ur innocent =( Youtube really needs to revamp its infringement nonsense, pls do know that you have delighted many MANY ppl with every single video u've shared and we will definitely feel the pain as well D: I for one loved all the older MVs u uploaded. Im really sorry you had to lose all that, but cheer up all the same!