Sunday, October 28, 2007

[Video] Ueno Juri promoting the Nodame Cantabile DVD box set + Ueno Mana

It's Ueno Juri in a promotional clip for the official Nodame Cantabile Live Action DVD Box which was released on May 25th 2007,which coincidentally was also her 21st birthday!^^

Ueno Juri-san looked really pretty ne?^^ And this is completely unrelated to Nodame Cantabile,but did you know that Ueno Juri has an older singing sister who is very active in the Tokyo street music scene?In case anybody is interested,here is a feature on her:

And here's a few clips of Ueno Mana-san performing in Akihabara recently:

So,what do you guys think?^^


soo peng said...

thx for sharing =)
anyway,i think that both of them are energetic and lively. mana-san is singing well too

meldinsky said...

And they're both quite kawaii.^^ maybe if Ueno Mana-san decides to go commercial one day she can get her younger sister to be the star of her music video.That would be interesting too. ^o^

Anonymous said...

i found another comment about this kawaii girl at!

Miyuko said...

Juri and Mana look totally different. But they have on thing in common: being genki! lively and they are always smiling. Should be interesting if they started to co-work. ^^ xD

Anonymous said...

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