Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[Video] It's Nodame and Chiaki,IN PARIS!!

Gyahaa!!It's here!!We finally,FINALLY have something for it ~ it's Nodame and Chiaki à beau Paris!!*spazzing*This would be the first look we're having(well,mine at least) at the Nodame Cantabile SP so far,therefore forgive me if I can't contain my excitement!Kya~~

I made some caps from the clip off Mezamashi TV( I think) seeing as the original video on YouTube by KJRGU(thank you so much!) is not available for embedding.Seems like not much has changed;Nodame is still being Nodame and Chiaki still pretends like he's annoyed by her

Nodame and Chiaki Europe rabu-rabu..NOT!!

Don't you just love the expression that Chiaki has on his face?^0^

Well,well..if it isn't Nodame the Blissful one? ^^

Off to a new adventure!

Nodame,welcome back to our hearts! <3

Gyahaa!!^^ <--Meldinsky,extremely giddy.
Mel's Edit: You can now watch the clip here!!Mukyaa!!


nita said...

I'm sooooo mad I missed them!!!
I knew they were coming here, but I just couldn't find them, that was so frustrating!! And now, they left for praha...sooo mad!

meldinsky said...

aww..Nita,that is indeed too frustrating!!come over here,you.*hugs*

I understand where you're coming from,because I'd probably be soo mad as well!I thought they did the Prague shoots before Paris,but its the other way around ne?I'm sorry,I wish we found out about it sooner than this.Darn,they should've posted the shooting schedule wayyy earlier for fans,ne?Insensitive production team,thats what they are.

marirob said...

Thank you SO much for having this blog! My mom, sister and I are huge nodame fans. We even had a little nodame party when we watched the finale together. Cannot wait for the special!

Anonymous said...

waaa suge!! I can't wait! DX

Becharm said...

thank you for informed us with this new video. I really wish they will make another season, just 2 special episodes aren't enough at all. >.<

meldinsky said...

I agree becharm,a full-fledged second season would've been absolutely thrilling for all Nodame fans ne?But maybe they'll do it after the whole manga is finished,so I'm hoping for it to turn out that way one day,I really do.

marirob,thanks for visiting my blog.^^ That's so wonderful that you have your mom and sis with you to have your own Nodame viewing party!!sugoii ne..makes me feel like throwing a viewing party of my ownwith friends and family who are Nodame fans too,for the upcoming Special.Should I?^^

And I took a peek at your blog - wow you're such an amazing crafter Mari!Unki and Maggie are gorgeous too..I <33 cats!

p!nkroma said...

thanks for sharing this info. i'm looking forward to this special.

is it just me or does tamaki hiroki look like he really lost some weight? he looks too tired. just look at his eyes. :(

meldinsky said...

You're not alone in feeling that way,pinkroma.A lot of people has commented on that and I agree too.Must've been his busy schedule;what's with the movies and the Cms and all the promotional stuff he has been doing prior to the filming of this SP.But like he said,"Nodame no tame ni" .. he still wants to be in the project ne,even though he must be tired as hell.