Tuesday, October 2, 2007

[Lyrics] Ueno Juri - Onara Taisou

Nodame Cantabile (Ueno Juri) - Onara Taisou
のだめカンタービレ(上野樹里) - おなら体操

Lyric: Ninomiya Tomoko, Noda Megumi, Poo Tarou
作詞:二ノ宮知子, 野田恵, poo太郎
Music: Noda Megumi

Minna atsumare!
皆 集まれ
Onara taisou no jikan da yo!
Onara Taisou Ou~~!
おなら体操 おー
San hai
さん はい

genki ni dasou ii oto dasou
元気に出そう いい音出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぷぷぷ わーん
ookiku tatte chiisaku tatte
大きくたって 小さくたって
douse onaji onara damon
te~ wa koshi ni saa ikuzo
手は腰にさあ 行くぞ 
hei hei pu~

minna de dasou waratte dasou
皆で出そう 笑って出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぷぷぷ わーん
tousan datte kaasan datte
父さんだって 母さんだって
minna onaji onara damon
so~ra takaku saa ikuzo
空高く さぁ 行くぞ
hei hei pu~

nandaka dasou mou sugu dasou
何だか出そう もうすぐ出そう
ど れ み ふぁ ぷぷぷ わーん
genki na onara kawaii onara
元気なおなら 可愛いおなら
kondo wa donna no derun darou

so~re minna de saa ikuzo
hei hei pu~ (detaa)
へーへーぶー 出た

Everyone gather here!
It’s time for fart exercise
fart exercise! Ooh!
Get ready

Let’s emit a good sound, energetically emitted.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is a big one, or a small one,
They are all the same fart anyway
Let’s put your hand on the waist and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

Let’s emit together with smile on your face,
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
No matter is father’s or mother’s,
they are all the same fart anyway.
In sky high and here it comes, Hey Hey PUU~.

what will come out? It’s going to out soon.
Do re mi fa PU PU PU, Waah~
a healthy fart? or a cute one
but what kind of fart will emit this time?
So everyone get ready
Het Hey PU~~~~ Finally it’s out!

Lyric Translations: www.jay-han.com
Special thanks to suzu for the Japanese lyrics correction!!^^


我以為是我 said...

hi, juliana here, i am malaysian too, study in paris now, after finish nodame, i was deeply fascinated by her, more than Chiaki.
Whether you get any news for the next series of this drama ? wow i wish to see their shooting in paris !
Thanks for building such amazing site !


meldinsky said...

Salut Juliana,comment ca va?Pardon my french if its wrong..hehe.Glad you liked this blog,and yes I will definitely post any updates about the Special if I found any.^^ I hope we'll find out some information about the shoot in Paris soon,and then maybe you can visit the filming site or something!and then report back to this blog ;-)..that would be so awesome ne!

Terima kasih for visiting my site.^^

jayhan said...

Hi there, just found out your blog today, thanks for the credits.

The song is really cute haha, I like it too

meldinsky said...

irrashaimase jayhan!*waves*.Thanks for doing the translations,I agree it is such a cute song..lol.And of course I gotta give you the credits,you deserved it!^^ And your site is awesome too,I liked it.^^

我以為是我 said...

dear mel

ça va bien~ merci :)
u learn a bit french huh ? I wil contribute to your site if i take down any picture of their filming process ! wow ! It's really awesome if i can meet them in conservatoire!
I wonder they can get the permission to shoot film in the most famouse conservatoire , sangat haraplah ~~ : D

Suzu said...

ookiku tatte chiisaku tatte
'大きくだって 小さくだって' incorrect hiragana here, it should be be tatte たって Not だって

So correct lyrics would be.
大きくたって 小さくたって

Since datte and tatte are 2 differnt words.

Suzu said...

Forgot to add.
ど れ み ふぁ ""ぶぶぶ"" わーん part ぶ is "bu" not pu. pu would be ぷ
So correct would be. ど れ み ふぁ ぷぷぷ わーん

Also there is no need for い In どうせ同じおならだもん
And onaji is spelled with one n, not 2.

へイ Would also be more correct sounding, since the sung syllable ends on i.

meldinsky said...

suzu-san,thank you so much for the corrections!^^ I apologize that I was only aware of your comments just now,and I've took the necessary action for it.It was very hard to do the correction seeing as I cannot read Japanese writings nor do I have the appropriate keyboard to do it,so there was a lot of copying and pasting happening.^^ I hope I got it right.Now,if only I can remember who gave me the lyrics so that I can tell him/her about the corrections..:D.

Again thanks for helping out!

Anonymous said...

im wondering about this song. it is really exist in real world or just the crew make it. plis answer the question...:D

Noda-fan said...

The real Noda Megumi (whom the mangaka based the main character “Nodame” on) wrote the song for the manga. She also wrote the Moja Moja Suite. And yes, the real Noda Megumi is a pianist/pre-school teacher and had a very messy room when she was a music student. Which is how the mangaka got the inspiration to start the whole story.

Lufu said...

"Pu pu pu" is "fart fart fart". So it would be "Do Re Mi Fa Fart Fart Fart". ^-^

Hayashi said...

Hi! I did a piano/karaoke for this song,so that anyone can sing along ^_^ Do take a look!