Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mel's Note #2 - In The Mood For Nodame/Chiaki

xXx always by your side xXx

Minna!^^ Firstly,a big shoutout to all of you who responded to my call in Note #1..it's so nice to be able to interact with the visitors of this blog!woohoo!*waves to the ones who posted,you know who you are ;-) * At least now I'm not 100% clueless..lol.And I know that I'm not alone at this blog.And of course for those who emailed me, I enjoyed each and every one of the mails ne.I'm always open for any comments,and I loved to hear your feedbacks and suggestion and it was very helpful..so don't hesitate to send me more.(^^)v

I am working on some of the
requests I've been receiving for a while now, so I'm hoping I will be able to blog about those requests soon. I'm trying my best to fulfill all of them, therefore I'm asking for some waiting-time from you guys and I hope that won't be a problem. Patiently ne, sooner or later I will definitely blog about the stuffs you wanted to read(and DL). ^^

xXx Nodame/Chiaki banner by chained_angel13 xXx

By the way,I just started a Nodame Cantabile Live Action "rewatch-marathon" yesterday.YET again. *sighs* I don't know how many times I've rewatched the NC drama now,but I do know that I never seemed to grow bored of it!And I do know that this time around I'm watching it with a different feeling; my heart would suddenly just go
doki doki at certain scenes where Nodame and Chiaki are together.^^ Why the sudden doki doki?Because I've FINALLY,ohmydearestgod finally arrived at Chapter 87 of the manga,that's why!*squeee*

I'm sure those of you who are also reading the manga knows what I'm talking about..hehe.*insert Nodame's "I'm in ecstasy" expression here* Sigh,Chapter 87 was so worthy of the thorough reading of the few previous chapters before it.I'm sooo glad I didn't just quickly flip through the chapters or sneak a peek at 87 at all before that(or read the spoilers!).Although I was very tempted to do so~I mean I have to admit I was just dying to know exactly what was going to happen.It was slowly killing me in from the inside,seriously!^^

Anyhow,when I finally came around to reading the chapter itself,and finally got there..oh,what bliss!I just had to re-read it over and over again AND again.Ninomiya Tomoko Sensei is simply brilliant in the way that she slowly but so surely developed Nodame and Chiaki's beautiful and complex relationship~it's perfect for me.And while I'm predicting a not-too-smooth journey for the Golden Pair in the future chapters (because I just have to be realistic like that) I AM going to savour the moments of 87 to the fullest extent before the amazing NCIS team releases chap. 88. *sigh*

xXx "This is fine..as long as I don't lose sight of her.." ~ Chiaki Shinichi xXx

I'm also looking forward to find out more about the newer plotlines that Sensei had started in the last couple of chapters,it's definitely getting more interesting.I honestly had never ever thought of a Tanya/Kuroki possibility happening before this,and right now I'm still quite undecided on how I feel about it.Guess I'll have to wait and see how their story plays out in the manga,if there is indeed going to be any.

And just because I'm so in the mood for NodamexChiaki right now..

I wonder if we'll ever get to see Nodame and Chiaki dressed up like this in the manga.^^

*Mel goes off to re-read chappie 87 while listening to Beethoven's "Moonlight".*

xXx Quasi Una Fantasia xXx


Haruthai said...

hello Mel,

i dont know how many times i rewatched NC drama either...all i know is that i watched it every day for about 2 months...i really love this drama haha...
i read the manga as well (before i watched the drama), but here in thailand we're still at the 9th volume and that's only equal to the end of the drama...too bad -__-"
i do wanna know what happens after that and the spoiler is soooo tempting. but no, i'll wait, i must keep on waiting for the full volume T_T. Full version is better ne Mel...

meldinsky said...

domo haruthai-san!

yay for rewatching NC everyday for 2 months!!lol..thats so sugoii..if I can find the time I probably would've done the same..or more!Thats cool that you're one of those who read the manga before the drama,I wish I can say the same.Nevertheless I'm still glad I discovered the Nodame World through the drama though,and after that there's just no turning back for me.Drama,Anime and Manga..i consumed them all!^^

Ne..I'm gonna play the devil here and urge you to read the scanlations..like ..NOW,I mean WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?gyabooo!!

lol..no I'm just kidding,I think thats great that you wanna wait for the full volume.But then again you know what they say,curiosity kills the cat,so if you don't want curiosity to kill haruthai-san,then maybe you should just head over to http://www.ncis.usoppoi.com/ for the scanlations..hehe.The NCIS team are already up to Vol.15 now,and in Japan the manga is up to Vol.18 so far,so we're not too far behind.

I was too curious to find what happened in Paris and their life after that,so I just had to read the scanlations.And seeing as the Special will only be for two nights instead a full second season,there's no more point for me to hold out on my curiosity any longer.Of course,to each her/his own..so I'll let you to decide on that..^^

Haruthai said...

hi mel,

what am i waiting for?
ummm, i'm too lazy to find the scanlation ... so, thank you for the link you gave above ... i'll visit it for sure haha :D

meldinsky said...

yeah..go visit the wonderful peeps of NCIS..they rock!Just be a member there,and when you have 10 or 15 posts in the forums(or was it 20?I'm not too sure)you'll be able to downlaod their wonderful scanlations.^^Join in the fun with other Nodame fans there!

tintin said...

hi, mel
I am Tintin, a Nodame's fan from Taiwan. I love the drama "Nodame Cantabile" very much. After watching the drama. I went to buy all the 18 comic books immediately. Of course, I also bought the OST. Because the Nodame-mania, the Taipei philharmonic symphony played four to six repertoires which are in "Nodame Cantabile" at our National Music Hall. I went to listen to their music. It's fantastic.
By the way, thaks the video you post on youtube.

meldinsky said...

nihao tintin!welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing your Nodame Cantabile history here.^^

Wow..thats awesome how the Taipei Philharmonic performed repertoires from Nodame Cantabile!Sugoii..I had no idea.And thats so cool that you went to watch them too.NC must be really big in Taiwan for them to actually do that,I think it's really fantastic!

And you've read it up to Vol.18 too,I'm so jealous.I wish I have something other than the scanlations to depend on for my NC manga,but alas I can't so I must be patient.Glad you liked the vids tintin.^^

miahnie said...

Hello meldinsky!

I am so much in the mood for chiaki x nodame right now because I just read chapter 87 too!!!

I was practically punching my face side by side in excitement!!! If I could just jump and cry "Woohooo!!!" I would, but I couldn't, I was inside my office when I read that chapter.

So, right now, I am looking for someone to talk to about the chapter!

That line, yes that line, "It is fine, as long as I don't lose sight of her." That was just...I was totally ecstatic!

I am going out to buy my copies of both anime and dorama.

I was introduced to Nodame from anime then drama. And since I want to know what happened in Paris, I went for manga and I'm glad that I did!

Yipppeee!!!! for Chiaki and Nodame!!

meldinsky said...

that's right miahnie..yay for our Golden Couple Chiaki and Nodame!^^lol..that was something else that you were reading chappie 87 at your office!such a wrong place to experience such a RIGHT chapter..lolz.must've been hard to contain your merry enjoyment towards the end of it ;-)

I'm glad you followed through your anime and live action Nodame love with the manga,cause it's just so absolutely worth it,don't you think? I just have this wistful thinking of Ninomiya-sensei giving us fans more Nodame-Chiaki moments like the one in 87..hmm,cause they're just so rare and precious in the manga.

I've enjoyed discovering the Nodame world so much,I know it's going to be very hard when the day finally comes for us to say goodbye to the Nodame universe.T-T