Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mel's Note #1

xXx are you really sleeping? xXx

Hello all, minna san ogengki desuka? Hajimemashite..I'm Mel and this would be my first official post to greet everyone who has been visiting Nodame Cantabile Resources..yoroshiku onegaishimasu.^^

It's only been 10 days today since I opened this blog with my starting entry, but it seems like I've been working on the blog forever. Perhaps it's because once I started it,I found myself unable and unwilling to stop, so I keep going on and on. It's chotto troublesome, but at the same time it's so much fun!Tanoshii desu.^^

I'm very pleased that this accidental blog of mine had been visited by many Nodame Cantabile fans from all over the world, and am extremely happy if this blog had somehow managed to help you find whatever the Nodame Cantabile-related thing was that you were looking for.However, I would definitely love it more if you can share some comments here in the blog,especially if you found a particular entry to be useful,or you've watched a certain video I posted.Or if you have something you want to ask me about,just leave it at the comment section at each new/corresponding entry to ensure I'll get to read it.^^

Just some words would be enough ne, I don't need a long post to make me happy--just some simple phrases would be fine.Or even just a little smiley.^^ I know there are hundreds of people visiting this blog, but sadly I never have any concrete idea who you are(other than where you're from),so drop me some lines and say hello ne. It's always exciting to meet another Nodame Cantabile fan who loves it as much as I do. At least with your comments,I can know for sure that this blog hadn't been here for nothing ne.^^

Don't be too shy around here,my dear visitors.(or too lazy..hehe)^^ Even if you are not confident enough with your English to post a long comment, I wouldn't mind a short one. Besides, my own English is not perfect,is it?I apologize in advance,for English is not my first language.^^ But that didn't stop from working on this blog right?^^

And as most of you are probably aware of, I currently have a YouTube account running, and I put up all the Nodame Cantabile Live Action extras stuff that I've managed to find so far over there at my Channel. However there is also a big possibility that my account could be suspended or deleted at any time--given the content of my channel*gulps* therefore I would like to share this info with you guys. I am also working on a Dailymotion channel and a Veoh channel right now, so those would act as my backup channel, should anything
bad happened to my YouTube account.Or if you think YouTube sucks and have another preference for your streaming video needs,you can just head over to the other two channels. ;-) Of course I just started on the two new places,so there is still a lot of things missing.But I'll try my best.p(^^)q .And as always,your comments and ratings for the videos there are greatly appreciated.

Just to let you know.And thank you for reading.^^


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel! Thanks for such a great site for Chiaki Senpai & Nodame's fan! Watashi wa Thai desu and had a chance to watch this series few months ago and got addicted to it! Meanwhile, I shall be most grateful if you would kindly advise whether & how I can download some behind the scenes's clip you posted on 'Youtube', especially for the one in 'Gambatte Award'. I like tamaki's laughing/smiles so much :) My personal e-mail address is Many thanks in advance for sharing! Arigato kosaimus!!!

meldinsky said...

Hello nucharinm from Thai..irrashaimasen!^^ It really is easy to get addicted to Nodame Cantabile Drama after just one serving of it.

About the clips from YouTube,I will be posting links for downloading them soon on this blog.I am still working on uploading and organizing them,so I hope you won't mind waiting for a while.By the way,do you have any hosting service that you prefer?Sendspace or MediaFire or Zshare and such?Let me know.^^

meldinsky said...

Oh..and I love Tamaki's hearty laughter too,I could replay this clip over and over again
( just to watch him laughing makes me wanna laugh everytime.I wish he could have some laughing scenes in the drama,that would be nice.Although that's nothing Chiaki Senpai would do though!^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a prompt response!! Are you Japanese, Mel? If so, I'd love to learn some Japanese words from you soon! Sure, I don't mind waiting for sometimes until you are free enough to send me the download link. I don't have an account with Sendspace or Mediafire. Or should I? Please tell me how to do when you are free. Tamaki is my favourite actor right now. How about you? Watashi wa'Nucharin'desu. Hajimemashite doso yoroshiku!!!

meldinsky said...

Nucharin-san,yoroshiku!Or should I say,sawatdee-kaa.^^Hehe no,I'm not Japanese..I'm Malaysian living in Malaysia.Although there are the odd times where I found myself wishing that I'm Japanese.^^

No,you won't need an account to DL files from those sites.When the link is ready I'll post it up here,so don't forget to return to this blog from time to time ne?^^

Oh..I have a number of J-actors that I love,and Tamaki Hiroshi is of course included in that list.^^

Anonymous said...

Konnichiwa, Mel! You are a Malaysian so we are close friends now! ^^ ('cause our countries are so close!!)

I'll try to visit your blog as frequently as possible whenever I'm free!!! Keep up the good work!
Gambatte ne!!!! ^^

Until then, ja ne!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,
What a great blog! very amazing!
I found your posted clips on youtube and it's very great. Arigato for sharing.

zaitsev said...

Hi there Mel!
I'm from Malaysia too! Which part are you from?
I visit your site regularly for Nodame updates.
I have to say, it's great site you have there. Keep up the good work okay?

meldinsky said...

Hi Anonymous!(hehe,sorry I didn't catch your name there ;-) You're very welcome. Actually I don't think the blog is amazing,but I think it should be sufficient enough for NCLA fans.^^

zaitsev,Selamat Datang~~Mukyaa!More Malaysians are getting to know Nodame Cantabile and I'm so happy about that!Actually this blog gets the biggest number of visits from Malaysians,followed by those from the US.^^

I'm in KL,and thanks for the support!^^

ami said...

hi mel!

sorry for the all small letters (am typing with one hand at the mom ^^;)

i love yr blog! been ogling it on and off mostly to find links to videos n stuff.

if u dun mind getting comments on old posts, i'd be happy to comment :P

i've been steadily going crazy over NC for the past month ever since i downloaded it. it's easily the best jdrama i've ever watched. i rily love it. it's currently my balm against work-related depression XD

i'm from malaysia too! *waves*