Tuesday, September 25, 2007

[Fanlisting] Seasons - a Tamaki Hiroshi fanlisting

Calling all fans of Tamaki Hiroshi! Share your support and enthusiasm (and possibly some drooling) for the droolworthy Japanese actor/model/singer Tamaki Hiroshi with other fellow fans here at Seasons - a Tamaki Hiroshi fanlisting:

About "Seasons - a Tamaki Hiroshi fanlisting" :

Welcome to the fanlisting of Tamaki Hiroshi singer, actor & model. His best role was on the japanese drama Nodame Cantabile as Chiaki.

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Owner: Kaorin
Last updated: 19th September 2007
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So feel free to join it ne!^^


Anonymous said...

This guy in this photo reminds me of Chiaki in Nodame

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