Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[Synopsis/Review] Nodame Cantabile at Memento

Read complete Nodame Cantabile Live Action episodes synopsis and reviews by Garten at the anime fanblog Memento. There are also some Nodame Cantabile medias available there such as clips of the Waratte Iitomo! Autumn SP which the main casts of Nodame Cantabile attended (the two leads, joined by Eita (Mine Ryuutarou), Takenata Naoto (Franz Strezemann),Mizukawa Asami (Kiyora Miki)and Koide Keisuke (Okuyama Masumi), and a complete review of the segments by Garten.

Also available for is Garten's synopsis and review of an episode of Bistro SMAP that Tamaki Hiroshi and Ueno Juri attended together (a very lively eppie,thanks to the two Special Customers!), and don't forget to read the interesting and informative discussions by fellow Nodame Cantabile fans that happened at each and every Comments section there!Trust me, it won't at all be a waste of time should you decide to do so..I think it's pretty rewarding.^^

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