Friday, August 31, 2007

[Soundtrack] = Orchestra de Nodame Story = Links

Orchestra de Nodame Story links I found:


Orchestra de Nodame Story CD1

Orchestra de Nodame Story CD2

Orchestra de Nodame Story torrent:

Credits to the person who uploaded them. ^^
Special thanks to weloveasiansosts

and the mcanime forums

1. Orchestra Tuning ~ S Orchestra (Concert Master: Mine Ryuutarou)
2. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 7 Ban A Chouchou Sakuhin 92 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (Drama Shudai Kyoku On Air Ver.)
3. Piano Koukyou Kyoku Dai 5 Ban E Ho Chouchou Sakuhin 73 "Koutei" Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Boutou (~Irairasuru Senshuu Anime Ver.)
4. Beethoven: Piano Sonata Dai 8 Ban C Tanchou Sakuhin 13 "Hisou" Yori (~Nodame Drama Anime Ver.)
5. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 9 Ban D Tanchou Sakuhin 125 "Gasshou" Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Boutou Bu (~Timpani Get Out Drama Anime Ver.)
6. Mozart: 2 Dai no Piano Notameno Sonata D Chouchou K.448 Dai 1 Gakushou (~2 Kobushi de Machigaeru Drama Anime Ver.)
7. Mozart: 2 Dai no Piano Notameno Sonata D Chouchou K.448 Dai 1 Gakushou (~Nodame to Senshuu Drama Anime Ver.)
8. Beethoven: Violin Sonata Dai 5 Ban Sakuhin 24 "Haru" Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~Mine Senshuu no Shiken Ensou Scene Drama Anime Ver.)
9. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 7 Ban A Chouchou Sakuhin 92 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~S Orchestra Hatsu Renshuu Oboe to Clarinet ga Irekawatta Drama Anime Ver.)
10. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 3 Ban E Ho Chouchou Sakuhin 55 "Eiyuu" Yori ~ Dai 1 Gakushou (~S Orchestra Concert Scene Anime Ver.)
11. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 3 Ban E Ho Chouchou Sakuhin 55 "Eiyuu" Yori ~ Dai 2 Gakushou Kara (~S Orchestra Renshuu Scene Jimihen Hiki Anime Ver.)
12. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 3 Ban E Ho Chouchou Sakuhin 55 "Eiyuu" Yori ~ Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~Nodame Piano Anime Ver.)
13. Chopin: Nocturne Sakuhin 55-1 Kara (~Rijichou "Touyou no Houseki" Piano Anime Ver.)
14. Bartok: Allegro Barbaro (~Nodame Piano Nina Lutz Ongakusai Anime Ver.)
15. Dvorak: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 5 Ban F Chouchou Sakuhin 76 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou (~Senshuu Shiki Nina Lutz Ongakusai Anime Ver.)
16. Gershwin "Hattori Takayuki Henkyoku": Rhapsody In Blue (~Pianica Gakuensai Drama Edit Ver.)
17. Rachmaninoff: Piano Kyousou Kyoku Dai 2 Ban C Tanchou Sakuhin 68 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~Senshuu & Stresemann Shiki A Orchestra Drama Anime Ver.)
18. Rachmaninoff: Piano Kyousou Kyoku Dai 2 Ban C Tanchou Sakuhin 68 Yori Dai 3 Gakushou Kara
19. 2 Dai no Piano Notameno Rachmaninoff: Piano Kyousou Kyoku Dai 2 Ban C Tanchou Sakuhin 68 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~Nodame & Senshuu Drama Anime Ver.)
20. Kasui = Kenichi: Puri Gorota no Theme (Puri Gorota March)

1. Noda Megumi: Onara Taisou Yori
2. Mozart: Kageki (Koshi Van Toutti) Yori Dai 1 Maku Dai 11 Kyoku "Watashi no Kokoro wo Sawagasu" Doraberra no Aria (Piano Bansou Han) (~Iji no Warui Ayako Drama Anime Ver.)
3. Andre Jolivet: Dagakki to Kangengaku Notameno Kyousou Kyoku (Piano Bansou Han) Yori Dai 4 Gakushou (~Masumi-chan Sotsugyou Ensou Anime)
4. Liszt: Mephisto Waltz Dai 1 Ban "Mura no Izakaya de no Odori" Edit Ver. (~Senshuu Sotsugyou Ensou Anime)
5. Saint-Saens: Violin Sonata Dai 1 Ban Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara Edit Ver. (~Senshou Sofu no Mae de Hajiku Anime)
6. Elgar: Violin Sonata Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara (~Senshuu & Nodame Senshuu no Jikka Anime)
7. Bach: Mu Bansou Violin Partita (~Seiryou ni Mine ga Deshi Iri Anime Ver.)
8. Mozart: Oboe Kyousou Kyoku C Chouchou K.314/285d Dai 1 Gakushou Dai 3 Gakushou Kara Drama Edit (~Kuroku Pink Ver. Drama Anime Ver.)
9. Brahms: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 1 Ban C Tanchou Sakuhin 68 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Dai 4 Gakushou Kara Drama Edit (~R S Orchestra Drama Anime Ver.)
10. Schubert: Piano Sonata Dai 16 Ban A Tanchou D845 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Kara Drama Edit Ver.
11. Bach: Heikinritsu Clavia Kyokushuu Dai 2 Kan 16 Ban
12. Chopin: Etude 10-4 ~ Hi no Deru Youna Ensou Ver.
13. Liszt: Chouzetsu Gikou Renshuukyoku Dai 5 Kyoku "Onibi" (~Nodame Piano Anime Edit Ver.)
14. Brahms: Paganini no Shudai Niyoru Hensoukyoku A Tanchou OP. 35 Medley Shudai / Dai 5 Hensou ~ Dai 8 Hensou
15. Ravel: "Yoru no Gaspard" Yori Dai 3 Kyoku "Scarbo"
16. Debussy: Yorokobi no Shima Edit Ver.
17. Mozart: Piano Sonata Dai 8 Ban A Tanchou K310 (K300d) Dai 1 Gakushou Dai 3 Gakushou
18. Schumann: Piano Sonata Dai 2 Ban G Tanchou Sakuhin 22 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou
19. Schumann: Piano Sonata Dai 2 Ban G Tanchou Sakuhin 22 Yori Dai 4 Gakushou Kara
20. Stravinsky: "Petrushka" Kara no 3 Gakushou Dai 1 Gakushou "Russia no Orori"
21. Tomita Isao: Kyou no Ryouri
22. Stravinsky: "Petrushka" Kara no 3 Gakushou Dai 1 Gakushou "Russia no Odori"
23. Tomita Isao: Kyou no Ryouri
24. Stravinsky: "Petrushka" Kara no 3 Gakushou Dai 3 Gakushou "Shanikusai no Hi" Ending Bubun
25. Sarasate: Carmen Gensoukyoku Yori Sakuhin 25 Dai 4 Gakushou
26. Beethoven: Koukyou Kyoku Dai 7 Ban A Chouchou Sakuhin 92 Yori Dai 1 Gakushou Dai 4 Gakushou Ending (~Senshuu Shiki R S Orchestra Suntory Hall Christmas Concert Drama Ver.)
27. Rhapsody In Blue Drama Ending Henshuu Ver.


Anonymous said...

Hi. I was wondering if there was an English translation for the songs on the CD2 of the Orchestra de Nodame Story. Thanks!

Eddie said...

wow, thanks very much =D.

I was wondering if there was any way of getting the English titles for these songs....i would appreciate them very much. thanks =D

Anonymous said...

I agree, does anyone know where i could get the english translations for the titles?

Anonymous said...


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