Monday, August 27, 2007

Related Nodame Cantabile Soundtrack CD Releases

Because of the various versions of Nodame Cantabile CDs available , I'm sure many fans have experienced some confusion as to which one is what,so I'm posting this neat and informative post I found at the JDrama Theme Songs & OST [requests & discussion] at

Nodame Cantabile OST
All the original compositions (i.e. not classical pieces) used in the drama.

Nodame Cantabile Anime OST
All the original compositions (i.e. not classical pieces) used in the anime.

Nodame Cantabile Best 100
A number of classical music pieces featured in the drama/anime. Movements that were not performed in the drama/anime were also featured, but not necessarily the complete suite. These were recordings of famous artists/orchestras and were not the ones heard in the drama/anime.

Nodame Cantabile - La Folle Journee Selection
The complete version of some of the music featured in the drama and anime. Include movements and parts that were not performed in the drama/anime.

Nodame Cantabile Mongoose Box
Almost all the music featured in the drama/anime. The difference between this set and all other sets is that the music here was performed by the Nodame Orchestra and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra - i.e. the exact version used in the drama/anime.

Nodame Cantabile Character Selection - Chiaki
Several pieces of music 'played' or 'conducted' by Chiaki.

Nodame Cantabile Character Selection - Nodame
Several pieces of music 'played' or 'chosen' by Nodame.

Nodame Cantabile Character Selection - Milch & Fellows
Several pieces of music 'conducted' or 'chosen' by Streseman.

Orchestra de Nodame Live
A collection of classical music pieces 'performed' in the drama, including the hiccups - Nodame screwing up in the first 2 measures of the Mozart sonata for 2 pianos etc.

Orchestra de Nodame Story
More complete and structured version of the above. Include music from the anime.

The poster of the above list also had this to say about all the releases:

Whether you want to collect all of the above is up to you. To be honest I did not purchase all - I consider the Character Selections a rip-off and only purchased the Nodame selection.

I hope this post has been helpful as a guide for you on deciding which Nodame Cantabile CD you'd like to buy.^^


sJane said...

You're a life saver! Thanks for this information! I really got SUPER confused! hehehe!

Thanks a million!

P.S. This is definitely the best blog for NC! Keep up the good work! =D

Ryan said...

So does this mean that if I wanted the same version that was heard in the anime, then I should go for either the 'Mongoose set' or 'Orchestra de Nodame'?

Also how do you think the 'Nodame Orchestra' compares to the recordings by the various world orchestras?

I know the second question might be tough to answer so I beg your indulgence. said...

It will not truly have success, I feel like this.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of late bloomer for a fan of Nodame Cantabile. But I already have been loving classical musics long before this drama. You've done great job by introducing and giving information as deep and thoroughly as possible, which I like it best amongst the other same sites.

you're blessed with great talent.

Anonymous said...

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小优 said...

what is the differences between Orchestra de Nodame story and Orchestra de Nodame live?which is better?

porcelain said...

Hi Can I check all these CD are only up to the drama? Means were there any further Soundtrack for the Drama Live Special and the 2 movies in 2009 & 2010. I like some of the music there, like the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and etc...