Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[News] "Nodame Cantabile" drama returns for two nights in Paris

"Nodame Cantabile" drama returns for two nights in Paris
Tue, July 10, 2007 (4:17pm EDT)

The popular "Nodame Cantabile" drama series is returning to Fuji TV next January. A two-night special will kick off the new year, taking place in Paris after the timeline of the original series. Juri Ueno and Hiroshi Tamaki will reprise their roles as Nodame and Chiaki, respectively.

The special will also include new characters that do not appear in Tomoko Ninomiya's manga.

Filming will take place overseas for a period of about three weeks this fall.

It has also been announced that the Nodame Orchestra will hold Christmas concerts from December 18 to 28 at the Le Theatre Ginza.

Source: TokyoGraph and SankeiSports


Chris said...

Woo hoo!! Please send me some more info someone!

meldinsky said...

Hi Chris and welcome to the blog!Loved your enthusiasm ^^ ,yes we are all excited about the Special.but so far this is pretty much the only facts I have on it,maybe someone else who knows anything new can fill us in here.I'm sure I'm going to post up a new entry if I find any new info though!^^ we go!

BLasc said...

*kyaaaaa~~ >_<*
cant wait for the sequel of nodame~~~!!
but it's still a while though *sob*..
i wish it's more than 2 nights ...

anyways thx an infinity to mel-sama ~~!
im really happy that you made this blog specially for nodame!!

meldinsky said...

deshou?!blasc-san,I would have been in ecstasy if it was going to be a full-fledged second season for a sequel instead of just a two-nights Special,but then least an SP is better than none!well who knows maybe in a few years time,after Ninomiya Tomoko Sensei completed the whole manga then maybe we'd have a chance for a second season a la Hanadan 2.Right now I just don't think its very unlikely.(T-T)

and you're very welcome you speak/write Japanese?thats great..are you Japanese or you learned the language?^^

BLasc said...

i agree w/ what you're thinking but at leaaaast 3-4 nights!!
2 nights too short!!
well wondering when will it finish.. hope it's a long one..*twinkling*

me? im not a japanese hehe..
i live near your country, below singapore, you know the answer..
i learned the language for, let's see.., uh 1 year something..
what about you, meldinsky-san?

haruna-93 said...

meldinsky-san!!! you was the one who uploaded the nodame cantabile's videos on dailymotion, wasn't you?

meldinsky said...

domo haruna-san!yes,that would be me with my Nodame clips at dailymotion.. welcome to my blog ne!^_^

hatuna-93 said...

^_^ thanks!!!
and thanks for the videos too =3