Tuesday, August 28, 2007

[LiveJournal] The S Orchestra - a Nodame Cantabile community

Join the Nodame Cantabile LiveJournal community- The S Orchestra to connect with fellow Nodame Cantabile addicts from all over the world.

About "The S Orchestra":

This is a community to discuss and rave about Nodame Cantabile, a classical music manga series by Ninomiya Tomoko currently serialized in Kiss Magazine.

Nodame Cantabile has also been adapted into various media such as:
- Live action TV drama (11 episodes, aired from Oct 16, 2006 to Dec 25, 2006)
- Professional Orchestra
- TV anime series (23 episodes, aired from Jan 11, 2007 to ??)
- Nintendo DS game (Released: April 19, 2007)
- PS2 game (Release date: June 2007)

- No newbie introduction posts
- Keep spoilers behind a lj-cut please.
- Links to raw chapter scans posted in the community must NOT be reposted elsewhere.
- Summaries and translations posted here are intended for the community members only and must NOT be reposted elsewhere.
- When sharing files, keep your entries friends locked and please tag your entries.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact the moderators:
tortau, darcisan, and khursten

You can also visit Nodame World for any basic inquiries about the series, etc.

Chat with fellow Nodame fans in #nodame at irchighway.net!!

Enjoy your stay!


The S Orchestra - a Nodame Cantabile LiveJournal Community

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